KODHM IHD002 - Using the Key
(Pre-Requisite:  KODHM IHD002)
Correspondance Course Fee: $125 Individuals ($200 Couples) 
Includes 9wks of Audio Lecture on CD (.mp3 format) and the Text (x2 Copies for Couples)

Course Fee: $100 Individuals ($150 Couples)

KODHM IHD002 - Taking the Key
(Pre-Requisite:  KODHM IHD001)

"Taking the Key" is the second of two 9 week courses developed to bring additional healing and to lay the foundation for those who are interested in being certified as Inner Healing & deliverance Ministers. 

This Biblically based, ministry level course revisits each of the issues found in "Loosing the Key," teaching the student how to approach Inner Healing & Deliverance from the minister’s vantage point. The student will learn how to conduct an interview, to discern the presence of each issue and how to lead a person in prayer to gain freedom from the issues involved. 

​By the end of this course the student should demonstrate a working knowledge of each issue, the ability to identify an issue based on a ‘client’s’ response to sample interview questions, and lead the ‘client’ into greater freedom through guided prayers of confession, repentance and forgiveness.

Course Fee: $150 Individuals ($225 Couples)

"Loosing the Key" is the first of two 9 week courses developed to bring additional healing and to lay the foundation for those who are interested in being certified as Inner Healing & Deliverance Ministers. 

This Biblically based course is designed to introduce the student to the spiritual need for, and Biblical basis of, Inner Healing & Deliverance ministry.   All of the issues commonly faced within the framework of Inner Healing & Deliverance Ministry will be addressed.  

By the end of the course the student should demonstrate a general knowledge of each issue and how a person may be hindered by it.  

Issues covered in this course include but are not limited to: judgment, inner vows, generational sin/curses, rebellion, soul ties and demonic influence. 

Classes will be held on Sundays from 3:00pm - 5:00pm.  For those living outside the Atlanta area this course will be offered on the internet via live streaming video and chat forum.  (Course fee includes the price of the main Text, "Loosing the Key of David: Student Edition)

KODHM IHD001 - Loosing the Key
(Pre-Requisite: Individual Ministry One (1) Session)
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Fees for all courses are non-refundable after the first class of the course being offered.

Course Fee: Discussed @ Invitation

"Using the Key" is the Apprenticeship Program for those desiring to become certified as Inner Healing & Deliverance Ministers. 

This apprecticeship is open only to those who have completed both IHD001 & IHD002 and requires the student to observe, participate in, and lead ministry sessions.  The time frame is dependant upon ministry schedules. 

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